Kodak Black Shouts Out To His Homeboy On His Special Day From Jail

Kodak Black and Jackboy have known each other for long. Unfortunately, they can never celebrate together the most important events in their lives because one of the two is always in some kind of legal trouble.

This time around, Jackboy’s birthday came around, both of them were almost in jail, but luckily he gets to enjoy the day outside with his friends and family. Kodak is missing another birthday of his friend, but he takes no chance. He succeeded in transmitting a signal to his team to post a thoughtful message on social media for his homie, sharing a picture of them rocking ski masks and cheesing for the camera.

“Happy Birthday Lil Bro. I Love You Kid ! B Safe , Enjoy Ya self #YouDeserveIt @1804jackboy,” wrote the incarcerated rapper. Right now, Kodak Black is facing some hard time in prison after changing his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty”.He has been accused of falsifying information on a gun application form and because of his error, he might spend the next eight years behind bars. Hopefully, the judge goes easy on him.

Over the weekend, Jackboy found himself in jail after he reportedly attempted to swallow marijuana and it was alleged that police officers bragged about nabbing both him and Kodak. Jackboy was released quickly but his Sniper Gang mate is still locked up.

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